Five Fingers No Same

a film by Regina Wiebe, Johanna Reimann

Five Fingers No Same

2020 | 70:00 min

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“Five Fingers No Same” tells the story of young people from Pakistan and Morocco that have left their homes to follow a European Dream. They are momentarily stuck in Bosnia, each living similar yet completely different journeys. The film begins at the Central Station of Tuzla, Bosnia which is a momentary dead end for numerous migrants and people on the run. Faisal dares to go - as they call it - 'to game' once again, attempting to enter the EU without documents to seek asylum. For Saim, Tuzla slowly becomes home after four years and 4,000 kilometers on the run. Aziz isn't so lucky, he sleeps in empty houses and plans his next route
54 Hof IFF
Cast and Crew
  • Director Regina Wiebe, Johanna Reimann
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