a film by Susanne Binninger


Germany | 2016 | 101:00 min

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They fight in cages. Because they want to, and because others want to see this. Andreas Kraniotakes, Khalid Taha and Lom-Ali Eskijev are professionals in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). They fight in duels on stage using all means permitted. They work hard and live ascetically, often under precarious conditions. Their lives are marked by friendship, discipline and unconditional respect for each other and for their opponents. Kraniotakes, Taha and Eskijew share the dream of being recognized as athletes and of being successful on an international level. They have to pay a high price for this. In Germany, MMA fighters are rarely respected as athletes and can hardly live from fighting. They are under great pressure: as modern gladiators they may not age, may not get injured – and actually must not lose.
among others:
DOK Leipzig - World Premiere
LOLA@Berlinale, shortlisted for German Film Award - Best Documentary
Cast and Crew
  • Director Susanne Binninger
  • Screenwriter Susanne Binninger
  • Editor Chris Wright
  • Sound Design Alexander Czart
  • Score Jörg Follert
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