far. the story of a journey around the world

a film by Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier

far. the story of a journey around the world

2017 | 127:00 min

Original Title:
weit. Die Geschichte von einem Weg um die Welt

Formal Categories

Adventure Travel Adventure

Content Categories

Two young Germans spend three and a half years traveling around the world just by hitchhiking, bus, train and ship. They travel almost 100,000 kilometers through Europe, Asia, North and Central America.
Gilde-Filmpreis — Special Award 'Kinophänomen des Jahres' [boxoffice phenomenon of the year 2017]
LOLA@BERLINALE, shortlisted for German Film Award — Best Documentary 2018
2018 IFF Visions du Réel - Media Library
One World IHR Documentary FF, Czech Republic, 2019
Cast and Crew
  • Director Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier
  • Producer Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier
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