a film by Stefan Weinert


Germany | 2009 | 85:00 min

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The five life stories told by former East German citizens incarcerated for attempting to flee the Republic in the GDR who are representing a group of around 72,000 ex-convicts are shocking to the core. The subjects speak with extraordinary openness of their struggles with the regime, of horrific prison conditions and interrogation methods. This sensitive documentary maintains a close proximity to its protagonists throughout, examining open wounds and bringing psychological damage to light that have made it impossible for them to live a normal fear-free lives ever since.
A remarkable cinematic contribution that shows five unique facets of a daily life consisting of torture, abominations and violations of human dignity without attempting to judge, provoke or explain.
Rather, the film documents and makes an important chapter in German history more palpable in the best possible sense.
„Takes up the story where the Oscar winning film 'The Lives of Others‘ leaves off.“ DIE ZEIT

Sales Germany, Switzerland & Austria: Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH
others: Stefan Weinert
Seal of Approval ‘highly recommended’ , Film of the Month October 2009
2010 One World Prag - Prague
2010 One World Romania - Bucharest
2009 Giornate del Cinema Europeo - Florence
2009 Kasseler Dokfest - Kassel
2009 One World Sofia - Sofia
2009 Doc Review - Warsaw
2009 Der Film 4 - Prague
2009 11° Festival de cine aleman - Madrid
Cast and Crew
  • Director Stefan Weinert
  • Producer Stefan Weinert
  • Screenwriter Stefan Weinert
  • Director of Photography Lars Lenski
  • Editor Ruben S. Bürgam
  • Sound Roland Stähle, Eric Francois, Peter Veismann
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