EXODUS - Where I come from is disappearing

a film by Hank Levine

EXODUS - Where I come from is disappearing

Germany, Brazil | 2017 | 105:00 min

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German cinemas since March 29, 2018
EXODUS tells intimate refugees stories from different parts of the world and follows their personal journey for two years. Napuli, a political activist, had to flee South Sudan to Germany, where she is fighting for the right to stay.
Tarcha, born in Western Sahara, escaped to Algeria in 1975 because of the Moroccan invasion and lived in refugee camps ever since. Born in Syria, Dana arrived in Brazil via Turkey and is desperate to reunite her family in Canada.
Nizar, a Palestinian-Syrian, is on his journey from Brazil via Cuba to Europe, where he is hoping to find refuge and bring his family. Bruno, from Togo, spent 9 years in German camps, until he legalized and now helps refugees.
Lahtow and Mahka from Kachin, Myanmar, left due to the ongoing military conflict and even though located in a war zone, Mahka visits his abandoned home with his family.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Hank Levine
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