a film by Ina Borrmann


Germany | 2015 | 90:00 min

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In Central Europe ten percent of all couples need longer than two years to make their wish of having a child come true. As with so many other things, I put my wish for a child off until the last possible biological moment. The idea of having a baby frightened me. I was preoccupied with myself and didn‘t want a commitment. On the one hand there was the desire for a relationship and a home but on the other there was the longing for total freedom and independence. It also seemed important to me to resist society’s pressure to give birth. I considered my not having a child a statement as it were. But then it happened, suddenly and unexpectedly. Wanting to have a child emerged from the darkest depths of my psyche. After all, two’s company but not a family…
EVERY 28 DAYS is a radically personal documentary about the filmmaker’s attempts to become pregnant in her late thirties.
AOK Film Award – Filmfest Emden-Norderney; achtung berlin, DOK.fest Munich; Dok Leipzig, IDFA
Cast and Crew
  • Director Ina Borrmann
  • Producer Cordula Kablitz-Post
  • Screenwriter Ina Borrmann
  • Director of Photography Ina Borrmann
  • Editor Dorothee Broeckelmann
  • Sound Ina Borrmann
  • Score Jeremy Bullock
  • Other Marc Wächter (Koproduzent), Ina Borrmann (Koproduzent)
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