Dumped Gods

a film by Peter Heller

Dumped Gods

2019 | 100:00 min

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History Society Arts Human Rights

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OV German, French, Bamoun | German ST
Today it‘s called simply 'looted art'! And just a few years ago it was still called 'Art of the Primitive' or 'Tribal Art'. Our museums are full of Ancient art from Africa. But Africa itself has almost no masks left, the acquisition and provenance of collections in the north of the world are controversial, and young African intellectuals invoke with these fetishes of lost past the history of the continent and their own identity. But who does this treasure really belong to? Experts from Africa ask for restitution - But was it all just robbery? Are we facing a freshly disguised colonialism? Or at the beginning of new forms of cultural exchange from South to North at eye level?
Cast and Crew
  • Director Peter Heller (c/o filmkraft)
Production Company
filmkraft filmproduktion
Dantestraße 27, 80637 München

Phone: +49 89 174290

Phone: +49 89 17877803

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