• Dog Soldiers

    Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers

by Lena Leonhardt

Dog Soldiers

Germany | 2016 | 69:00 min

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A remote forest: a place where dogs become canine soldiers. The dogs born here, in the military dog training school of the German Army, are all supposed to be both companion and weapon for their human counterparts. The dogs are trained to act like a weapon, and the soldiers are trained to make use of it. The initial play gradually becomes drill and the artificial training setting gets closer and closer to the scenario of a real military mission. A reality that is only to well known to another protagonist: at the same time, in the same training camp, a traumatised Kosovo veteran is to be rehabilitated with the help of a therapy dog.
DOG SOLDIERS is an essayistic look at what it means to be soldierly.
DOK Leipzig 2016 German Competition
Grimme Preis 2017
NaturVision Film Festival 2017
NaturVision Film Festival 2021
Cast and Crew
  • Director Lena Leonhardt
  • Producer Peter Kuczinski
  • Director of Photography Sebastian Bäumler
  • Narrator Jeanette Hain
  • Editor Timm Kröger
  • Sound Alexander Rubin, Christoph Schilling, Udo Steinhauser, Simon Peter
  • Sound Design Alexander Rubin, David Raedler
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Co-Production Company
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
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