Dear Brother

a film by Julia Horn

Dear Brother

Germany | 2019 | 106:00 min

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When Markus Becker is hit by a car, doctors give him only a few days to live. His father makes funeral arrangements, but his brother Michael refuses to accept anything but survival. A longitudinal portrait of brotherly love and understanding expressed through caregiving, this film fastidiously documents the creative strategies and exercises Michael devises to keep his catatonic sibling in this world. By engaging him in one-sided dialogue and using familiar music, videos and touch, he accepts that his brother might never respond, but is convinced he will benefit. Michael helps his brother cultivate a world inside his mind. In doing so, he creates meaning for himself—to the point where it's hard to say which brother is bringing the other back to life. Dear Brother brings a new perspective to the role of caregiver, emphasizing the importance of love in healing and the necessity of balance between giving and taking for both patient and provider. (26 HotDocs, Angie Driscoll)
26 Hot Docs Toronto
34 DOK.fest Munich
Cast and Crew
  • Director Julia Horn
  • Producer Erik Winker, Martin Roelly
  • Director of Photography Timm Lange
  • Editor Alexandra Karaoulis, Johannes Hiroshi Nakajima
  • Sound Filipp Forberg, Michael Arens, Michael Ciesla
  • Score Jörg Follert
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