• Citizen Stroebele

  • Citizen Stroebele

Citizen Stroebele

a film by Simone Dobmeier, Torsten Striegnitz, Rolf Scheller

Citizen Stroebele

Germany | 2017 | 45:00 min

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Democracy is up for discussion at the moment. Not only in the United States. The language of politics is changing dramatically. In times of fake news and populist movements, 78-year-old German politician Hans-Christian Ströbele looks like an anachronism: he was a lawyer for the Red Army Faction (RAF) in the 1970s, one of the editors of Die Tageszeitung (taz), a cooperative-owned daily newspaper, and over the years he has become the conscience of the Green Party.
Ströbele is about to leave the political arena. As a contemporary witness he remains indispensable. What is his legacy? What does the biography of this upright, authentic and sometimes inconvenient man tell us? A portrait.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Simone Dobmeier, Torsten Striegnitz, Rolf Scheller
  • Producer Irene Höfer
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Production Company
Medea Film Factory GmbH
Lützowplatz 9, 10785 Berlin

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