Chernobyl: The invisible thief

a film by Christoph Boekel

Chernobyl: The invisible thief

Germany | 2006

April 26th 1986. The day the inconceivable happened and a nightmare scenario became horrific reality: the day reactor block 4 of the Chernobyl atomic power station exploded. In their attempts to contain the disaster, Russian fire fighters were exposed to multiple deadly doses of radioactivity. Three weeks later almost all of them were dead. Very little information about the true extent of the radioactive contamination managed to find its way out to the public. The early summer heat, insufficient security measures and lack of knowledge and training exposed the emergency workers to extreme risk. One of them was the young artist Dmitrij Gutin. During the last days of his military service he was posted to the highly contaminated 30 km. zone around Chernobyl to work on the construction of a railway line. He died just short of his 40th birthday, after many painful years of suffering the effects of radiation poisoning. Filmmaker Christoph Boekel spent many years living and working in what is now the Russian Federation. While researching and filming this project he met numerous victims of the atomic catastrophe. His own wife was one them and she, too, died of cancer. It is the fate of these individuals that he documents. A vivid, moving film told from the personal perspective of the director, it is a requiem for the often forgotten victims of the disaster and a caveat against putting blind trust in technological advancement.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Christoph Boekel
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