a film by Bettina Timm


Germany | 2010 | 72:00 min

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Art and vapor. Eye candy – Pure taste.
Cooking is as popular as never before, sophisticated all the way into molecular biology, elaborate in it’s cutting technics, variety of cooking and presentations. Cooks are exhibiting on television, viewers are copying. TV cooking studios, luxury liners, noble restaurants in Paris, those are the dream images, that are baiting young people into starting an apprenticeship as a cook. Bettina Timm’s film is showing young people trying to become a professional cook. The film is following several young characters, that want to become cooks, therefore start an apprenticeship. In a Michelin-star restaurant and in a canteen kitchen. Impressively the film is showing reality, that differs from the cliches, it’s telling us about the wishes and the dreams and the difficulties, which are coming along with this old profession. The hard, often monotone work inside the hot and steamy kitchens is the price for a felicitous meal, a piece of art with a short life span, which is, eaten quickly, elapsing in consumption.
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  • Director Bettina Timm
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Production Company
PELLE FILM Riedel und Timm GbR
Theresienstr.154, 80333 München

Phone: +49 89 24409936

Fax: +49 89 88984998
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