Casanova Gene

a film by Luise Donschen

Casanova Gene

Germany | 2018 | 67:00 min

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A person enters the frame dressed up as a bird. In a dressing room, John Malkovich sheds the costume of Casanova. A young woman‘s skirt is just as orange as the beak of a zebra finch singing in a cage. White lilies stand at the foot of a statue of the Virgin Mary, red roses in front of the window of an SM studio. There the quiet game of submission in exchange for money, in a museum an embrace, a poem whispered in the ear. Children playing in a forest in autumn. A forest in summer, framed by light. An orgasm and a dance.
Casanova Gene is a film about desire.
68th Berlinale 48th Forum
Visions du Réel Nyon, section Burning Lights
35th Kassel DokFest
Cast and Crew
  • Director Luise Donschen
  • Director of Photography Helena Wittmann
  • Sound Julia Tielke, Finlay Braithwaite, Nika Breithaupt, Louis Fried, Steffen Danek, Nikolas Kuhl, Karsten Krause, Roman Vehlken
  • Sound Design Nika Breithaupt
  • Score Erik Manouz
  • Costumes Katharina Duve
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