Call of Immortality

a film by Andreas Schnögl

Call of Immortality

2015 | 58:00 min

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Will we have a second chance at life - life with renewed health, vitality and youth? We meet people who strive for eternity. With modern technology, they want to challenge death and achieve immortality.
With modern technology, man’s age-old dream of achieving eternal life is becoming more and more realistic. We meet people who have decided to challenge death and preserve their bodies for the future until technology is eventually advanced enough to guarantee eternal life. German Klaus chooses cryopreservation. As an agnostic, he believes in nothing. He dreams of an eternal life so that he can do all the things he hasn’t had time for: read books, meet people, travel. Former astrophysicist Irina from Moscow has already flash-frozen her deceased mother and plans to enter the state of eternal ice herself. One day she hopes their cryopreserved bodies can be unfrozen and they can live forever. At KrioRus, the Russian cryonics institute, cryopreservation costs between $ 10,000 and 36,000 depending on the size of the body. To experience some real high-tech, we fly on to Hong Kong, where Ben Goertzel is carrying out research into artificial intelligence. Ben is working on a small robot which he hopes will one day become Ben, or the other way round. Ben’s dream is to give up his physical self, live in cyberspace, change bodies at will, and increase his intelligence a million fold, as he says: to attain godliness.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Andreas Schnögl
  • Director of Photography Frederick Gomoll
  • Editor Alexander Menkö
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