a film by Karin Kaper, Dirk Szuszies


Germany | 2011 | 104:00 min

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Ein Film über Flucht , Vertreibung und Überleben in der Fremde
BUT LIFE GOES ON deals with the subject of expulsion that has, for decades, been a conflict-ridden issue in the relationship between Poland and Germany. Three Polish and three German women, representing two families, meet in Platerówka, formerly known as Niederlinde, located about 20 kilometres from the German-Polish border at Görlitz / Gorzelec. Both families suffered expulsion from their ancestral farms. Today they want to overcome the paralysing speechlessness. Their desire is to find reconciliation without denying the cruelty of historical events. Events which have led to the profound vulnerability of those who experienced the trauma of losing all feeling of security from one moment to the next.
Filmmaker Karin Kaper tells the story of forced displacement of her mother’s family in a very personal way. The protagonists of the film are Edwarda Zukowska, her daughter Maria, her granddaughter Gabriela, Ilse Kaper, her sister Hertha and Karin Kaper. Supported with means by the Foundation of German-Polish Cooperation;

NEISSEFILMFESTIVAL , World Premiere: 19th of May 2011
Cast and Crew
  • Director Karin Kaper, Dirk Szuszies
  • Screenwriter Karin Kaper
  • Director of Photography Dirk Szuszies
  • Editor Dirk Szuszies, Karin Kaper
  • Sound Philipp Teubner
  • Score Patrick Grant
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