Brother Jakob

a film by Elí Roland Sachs

Brother Jakob

Germany | 2016 | 92:00 min

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Author's film Documentary
Ich habe meinen Bruder an einen Gott verloren, der mir fremd ist. Jakob sucht die Wahrheit und ich suche Jakob. Werden wir uns wiederfinden?
Jakob is my dear brother. He used to love to party, make music and let himself drift through life in Berlin. Then six years ago, he suddenly became a Muslim. He broke off contact with his old friends and his old ways. Now as a Salafist, every question has an answer in the rules of a fundamental Islam.
By filming him, I go in search of our lost bond of brotherly love and suddenly find myself on a journey with him, that goes beyond a religious exploration.
among others:
DOK.fest Munich 2017 _ DOK.german: Best Dokumentary
dokKa Karlsruhe 2017: dokKa Encouragement Award
Sole Luna Doc Filmfestival 2017: Sole Luna-Award "Un ponte tra le culture“
5th KOUDOUGOU Doc 2018
Editor Yana Höhnerbach awarded by Filmplus 18 for Best Editing Documentary 2018
Cast and Crew
  • Director Elí Roland Sachs
  • Producer Elí Roland Sachs, Markus Lenz
  • Director of Photography Markus Kloth, Elí Roland Sachs
  • Editor Yana Höhnerbach
  • Sound Maria Kindling
  • Sound Design Simon Konrad-Vayner
  • Score Antonio de Luca
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