by Juliane Ebner


2023 | 17:00 min

Original Title:

Siren-like singing and rhythmic light reflections segue into a lyrical text and sketched silhouettes of coastlines and waves. Delicate lines and soft shadings on superimposed transparent foils form many-layered networks of shapes and structures. What is offscreen creeps into the frame through reflections and blends in with the visual design of the film. Then and now meet and merge into a poetic narrative about a childhood in Stralsund, at a time when the city was still part of the GDR. A fenced-in, circumscribed childhood, framed by nocturnal floodlights, the bawling of drunk sailors and the crumbling plaster of facades and walls gone grey. The narrator manages to leave this oppressive fortress behind, but she can never escape completely. The memories that have settled like grey dust on her interior will stay with her forever. [66 DOK Leipzig, Franka Sachse]
66 DOK Leipzig
Cast and Crew
  • Director Juliane Ebner
  • Producer Juliane Ebner
  • Editor Juliane Ebner
  • Sound Design Manfred Miersch
  • Score Alma Luise Schnoor
  • Animation Juliane Ebner
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