by Daniel Abma


Germany | 2012 | 88:00 min

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Daniel Abma’s documentary accompanies three young offenders - Imo (22), Jano (17) and Marcel (25) - on the day they are released from Wriezen prison in Brandenburg, eastern Germany, and over the three years that follow.
The young men’s new life begins at Wriezen station, where they all set out hoping for the same things: a job, somewhere to live, a girlfriend. Three simple concepts, but the very first day turns out differently for each of the protagonists.
After a while all three young men find a girlfriend. Life settles down a bit, and starting a family seems the obvious thing to do next. Each of the three has a daughter. They are caring fathers, selling drugs and renovating their homes in their attempts to look after their children and satisfy the welfare office’s requirements. Now, though, problems can no longer be solved simply by socking your opponent in the face. How do you fight a court that says you’re incapable of looking after your own child? What happens when you end up back in jail – this time as a dad? What does life in our society ask of each
of us? What do we need in order to live an autonomous, successful life? Is release day a chance to start afresh, or do you stay a jailbird forever, unable to cope with the challenges of everyday life?
DOKLeipzig; IDFAmsterdam, nominated for best student documentary;
DocPoint Helsinki; One World Human Rights, Prague; Thessaloniki
Cast and Crew
  • Director Daniel Abma
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