a film by Jack Rath


2010 | 90:00 min

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90min or 60min | DigiBeta | 16:9 | original English/German version with English subtitles available
When Nick Jaffe confessed to filmmaker Jack Rath that he was ‘raw recruit’ to sailing and planning a 26000 km passage around the world it was a clear subject for a film. Filmed over three years to date, BETWEEN HOME documents the odyssey of this wiz-kid programmer, artist, photographer, poet and now sailor on his mental, emotion and geographical journey. The film captures Jaffe’s modulation of moods from high frequency stress to debased hilarity. Jaffe was born in Australia to a German father whom he never had a chance to meet. A sub conscious force could be driving Jaffe to take this sailing voyage between these two distant continents on an inward meditative search for insight into his identity. Extreme in resonance, not unlike the young adventurer’s ‘sometimes cowboy’ attitude, the documentary tries to understand Jaffe’s motivation, inspiration and reasoning for such an action, and the ego you need to pull it off.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Jack Rath
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Production Company
HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion GbR
Apostel-Paulus-Str. 6a, 10823 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 84855000

Fax: +49 30 84855015
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