Beer Brothers

a film by Miriam Pucitta, Michael Chauvistré

Beer Brothers

2016 | 94:00 min

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The brothers René and Helmut ventured out to China many years ago. Their work and craft as brewmasters were no longer in demand in Germany. The marketing division of the Paulaner Corporation came up with the idea of exporting German warmth and comfort together with their beer to Asia.
Helmut – after eight years working in China – came back to Aachen again, the place he was born, making another attempt to start his own brewery and to sell Aachen beer. He tried hard to get financial support from the local bank but they rejected him. After fighting for over three years Helmut is forced to give up. Will his future be in Asia again?
Doku-Biber for Best Documentary, Biberacher Filmfestspiele
Cast and Crew
  • Director Miriam Pucitta (Pucitta), Michael Chauvistré
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Happy Endings Film
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