a film by Thomas Lauterbach


Germany | 2008 | 78:00 min

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Aysel is a devout Muslim, who for many years has lived the well-protected life of a homemaker anmother in the Swabian province. When she learns that the Stuttgart state theatre is looking for Turkishamateur actresses for a performance of Euripides' MEDEA, she sees this as an opportunity to escapeher monotnous day-to-day existence. What starts out as a change of scenery for Aysel increasinglychallenges her view of the world. Family traditions, religion, the relationship between sexes are issueswhich she was able to evade successfully in her former life but which now become increasingly dominantand confusing. Of course, Aysel has no intention of allowing herself to be brainwashedand seesher part as that of an ambassadress for good traditions and against monolithic stereotypes of thesuppressed Turkish women, too. Being the only headscarf-wearing women in the chorus of the Turkishwomen, she must and will defend her values and lifestyle against others with more modern ideas,even against parts of the production.The work on the stage might be called a utopian situation: It\'swhere extreme attitudes in all questions of existence, in the politics of thinking and feeling, includingloving and hating , meet in order to coexist - in the ideal case, which is the goal, not the startingpoint. No one will emerge from this without injuries - catharsis is not a wellness without treatment.

DigiBeta | PAL | original German/Turkish version with English subtitles available
Golden Dove _ DOK Leipzig
Kassel Dokfest
Cast and Crew
  • Director Thomas Lauterbach
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