Banquet of the Beasts

a film by Daniela Pulverer, Boris Raim

Banquet of the Beasts

Germany | 2020 | 52:00 min

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What happens when an animal perishes in the depth of the forest? Who clears up the remains? Why aren’t we surrounded by carcasses? After all, death is a constant and universal visitor …
Every death means life for zillions of other living organisms: it is the initiator of a complex cycle we all depend upon. But despite its importance, we know relatively little about the animals that move in after a body has died, the organisms that radically change the body’s chemistry, and the plants that recycle the valuable nutrients contained in every carcass. A film about life after death…
Cast and Crew
  • Director Daniela Pulverer, Boris Raim
  • Producer Annette Scheurich
  • Director of Photography Klaus Scheurich (additional material by Michael Genter Andres, Dr. Brandon Barton, Wilder Aidan Nicholson, Aaron Schwab, Dr. Milan Novak )
  • Associate producer Verena Feige, Mi-Yong Brehm
  • Editor Marlon Wilson
  • Sound Design Oliver Engelhardt
  • Score Oliver Heuss
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