a film by Daniela Dar-Creutz


Germany | 2011 | 87:00 min

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58min or 87min | DigiBeta | 16:9 | color & b/w | original English/Kashmiri/Urdu version with English subtitles
ARRANGED HAPPINESS is a non-political story of love and
hardship set in the politically-charged region of India’s Kashmir
Valley where Muslims and Hindus lived in peace throughout
great swaths of history prior to last century’s partition
separating India from Pakistan.
The film’s loving portrayal of one Muslim Kashmiri family’s
search for a groom for their daughter provides an intimate and
compelling counterweight to a widely held perception of Islam
in the West. In an era where the rival nations of India and Pakistan – each with its own storehouse of
nuclear weaponry – promote tension and amplify cultural racism, Dar-Creutz’s film conjures up an
unexpected dose of humanity and mesmerizing beauty where few have thought to look for it.
Quatar / Aljazeera Jury Award; Mexico / Golden Palm Award; Byron Bay FF, Australia;
Bollywood and Beyond, Stuttgart / Directors Vision Award; Imagine India FF Madrid, Spain; Cracow IFF, Poland;
Pärnu IDF, Estonia; Festival du Film des Diablerets, Switzerland; Festival des Films du Monde Montréal, Canada;
Mumbai IFF, India; This Human World HRFF, Austria; River to River Indian FF Florence, Italy;
Cast and Crew
  • Director Daniela Dar-Creutz
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