Acasa, My Home

a film by Radu Ciorniciuc

Acasa, My Home

Romania, Germany, Finland | 2020 | 86:00 min

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For two decades, the Enache family—nine kids and their parents—lived in a shack in the wilderness of Bucharest Delta: an abandoned water reservoir, one of the biggest urban natural reservations in the world, with lakes and hundreds of species of animals and rare plants. When the authorities decide to claim back this rare urban ecosystem, the Enache family is evicted and told to resettle in the city—a reality they know nothing about. Kids that used to spend their days in nature have to learn about city life, go to school instead of swimming in the lake, and swap their fishing rods for mobile phones. Their identity has been questioned and transformed, along with their sense of freedom and family ties.
Radu Ciorniciuc’s heartbreaking debut is a thoughtful study of gentrification, seen through the eyes of a family trying to adapt to the new life they never asked for. Is it better to go back to their “paradise lost,” with its life free yet harsh, or to become part of the society that offers comforts but comes with pressures and conflict? [Sundance]
Special Jury Award for Cinematography – Sundance
awarded with VIKTOR Main Competition — 35 DOK.fest Munich
Special Jury Award – Thessaloniki Doc Fest
Golden Horn for the Director of the Best Film in the International Documentary Competition – Krakow Film Festival
Best Moral Approach Award @ MakeDox
Golden Key - 37 Kassel Dokfest
IDFA — Best of Fests
Cast and Crew
  • Director Radu Ciorniciuc
  • Producer Monica Lazurean-Gorgan (, Hanka Kasteliková (HBO Europe), Alina David (HBO Romania), Ümit Uludag (uemituludag) (CORSO Film), Ari Matikainen (KINOCOMPANY), Erik Winker (CORSO Film)
  • Screenwriter Lina Vdovîi , Radu Ciorniciuc
  • Director of Photography Mircea Topoleanu, Radu Ciorniciuc
  • Editor Andrei Gorgan
  • Sound Andreas Mühlschlegel
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