Abhishek and the Marriage

a film by Kordula Marisa Hildebrandt

Abhishek and the Marriage

2017 | 90:00 min

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43, 52 or 90 mins original Hindi/English version with German, English or French subtitles available
After TANGO PASIÓN and SPIRIT BERLIN is ABHISHEK AND THE MARRIAGE Kordula Hildebrandts third movie. The film deals with the European largely unknown young Indian rebellion against the ritualized marriage plans of their families.
The protagonist Abhishek (37) is designed an alternative existence between tradition and Western modernity and builds in Goa for Indian and Western tourists a holiday resort on. If he succeeds there an independent life or will his Russian girlfriend Miera (31) marriage, especially the pressure of his family bearing down on him. In India, the family is the most important and marriages the norm. The protagonist Abhishek (37), however, has his own plans, he penetrated even against the will of his father and mother. The documentation observed in the first part of the family life in Abhishek’s hometown Kota, Rajasthan and provides the second part an insight into the extraordinary life of the protagonist as a holiday resort manager in Arambol, Goa.
The documentary takes the European audience in a completely different world. He communicates a realistic insight into a family living conditions and traditional views of the bourgeois middle class and provides access to the idiosyncratic, unusual freethinker Abhishek who makes representative of the young generation of male rebellion against the traditional family image known.

Cast and Crew
  • Director Kordula Marisa Hildebrandt
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Wiener Straße 51, 10999 Berlin

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