• A Journey into the Music of Barbara Heller

    A Journey into the Music of Barbara Heller

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A Journey into the Music of Barbara Heller

a film by Lilo Mangelsdorff

A Journey into the Music of Barbara Heller

Germany | 2016 | 83:00 min

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This documentary is about a personal encounter between the filmmaker Lilo Mangelsdorff and the composer Barbara Heller, giving us insight into Heller’s life and music.  Heller decided to be a composer relatively late in life, and the influence of the women's movement had a significant impact on her decision.
In the film Barbara Heller can be heard in self-reflecting statements, explaining her art of composition as, at the same time, we also hear her music. She performs much of piano pieces herself, having been a great pianist years ago. Nowadays, you can still imagine her brilliance when she plays the piano. Her work should be seen in the context of New Music in which she developed her own approach with melodious compositions and her personal way of hearing and of dealing with a sound. In addition to writing musical scores, she also had a period of doing graphical compositions, electronic music, and experimental sound installations. By way of congenial images, the film enters into a dialogue with the music.
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  • Director Lilo Mangelsdorff


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