A House in Pieces

a film by Jean Claire Dy, Manuel Domes

A House in Pieces

2020 | 65:00 min

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65min original Tagalog, Maranao version with English or German subtitles available
A war between government and ISIS-affiliated jihadists forced hundreds of thousands to flee from Marawi, Philippines.
Displaced couple Yusop and Farhanna yearn for freedom, income, and comfort after returning home. But even to return to normalcy is already a struggle. Nancy, a once wealthy woman, has to cope with her loss of home in an evacuation shelter where she will have to remain for years. A driver with striking insights shuttles between places and stories around a deformed city.
The film follows them for two years through fear, worry, and hope, towards a new beginning on their long journey.

DMZ Docs International Documentary Film Festival, South Korea
Golden Hercules - 37 Kassel Dokfest
DaangDokyu, Philippines
Cast and Crew
  • Director Jean Claire Dy, Manuel Domes
  • Producer Manuel Domes, Jean Claire Dy
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