Electra 21

a film by Asteris Kutulas

Electra 21

2021 | 62:00 min

Formal Categories

Society Arts Theater

Content Categories

Documentary Music film
film 1-3 no dialogues, 4th film: Lyrics by Sophocles in English or German or Greek, others on request
The Liquid Staging project, ELECTRA 21, consists of four films, played simultaneously on four different screens that are placed around the audience area, showing different dance scenes, rehearsals, and fictional fantasies based on the Electra ballet performance by choreographer Renato Zanella. The four films are played synchronously to the same recording of the Electra opera music by Mikis Theodorakis. Electra – a timeless thriller. The father sacrifices the eldest daughter for power and fame. His wife slays him for it years later. Their children Electra and Orest kill her to avenge the father. A circle of hatred and destruction. No happy ending.
55 Hof IFF
Cast and Crew
  • Director Asteris Kutulas
  • Producer Asteris Kutulas
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