a film by Akin Sipal


Germany | 2022 | 14:00 min

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Documentary Short film
NACHRUF is an obituary for my grandfather who passed away last year. He was a well known Turkish writer and translator and translated over 60 books of German literature into Turkish, mostly Classics (the whole work of Franz Kafka, the whole Psychoanalysis by Freud, books of Hermann Hesse, Ingeborg Bachmann, Elias Canetti, Günther Grass and a lot more). Writers such as Orhan Pamuk got to know Kafka through the translations of my Grandfather. He was called 'The Turkish Voice of Kafka' in Turkey. When he passed away (shortly after his death) I wanted to capture images of his home in Istanbul, where he had been living for over 40 years. I tried to enrich the images with a voiceover being an ode to a specific Turkish-German intellectuality that is about to be forgotten. The film is dedicated to my grandfather, his home and the modesty and simplicity of his lifestyle, speaking through the interieur.
43 FF Max Ophüls Preis, Saarbrücken
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  • Director Akin Sipal
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