First Time

[The Time For All But Sunset – VIOLET]

a film by Nicolaas Schmidt

First Time

2021 | 50:00 min

Formal Categories

Society Arts

Content Categories

Documentary Short film
We listen to music and we are on our way. We look at things and the world differently than before, so that things don’t always repeat themselves, but get better instead: Two boys meet on a round trip with the Hamburg U3 line. Something evolves – not much but yet everything. The train runs through station after station. Lights changing on the outside and inside. Passengers and protagonists in the midst of noise & music. Glances, silence, a KitKat is broken, a Coke is being drunk. Outside: sunset & nightfall constantly interrupted by tunnels, platforms, posters & facades. The train passes the boarding station again. The timeline of love could be a circle. A common sensations music movie.

„An audacious and humorous comment against the mainstream cinema and its standardized narratives, reminiscent of some of Chantal Ackerman and Straub-Huillet’s formally rigorous works. And at the same time a refreshing invitation to turn back our gaze to the world around us and discover anew the cinematic treasures hidden under the surface of our uneventful everyday life. For the courage and the freedom to take us into a risky and thought-provoking journey.” (Leopardi di Domani, Locarno FF, jury statement)
Special Award - LOLA'21
74 Locarno FF
31 Oslo/Fusion IFF
50 Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinéma
47/48 Athens IFF
63 Nordic Fim Days Lübeck
Best Med-Lenght Film Award – 62 Festival dei Popoli Firenze
Cast and Crew
  • Director Nicolaas Schmidt
  • Producer Nicolaas Schmidt, Anne Döring
  • Director of Photography Julia Lohmann, Nicolaas Schmidt
  • Protagonist Aaron Hilmer, Fynn Grossmann
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