a film by Ulrike Ottinger


2007 | 104:00 min

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The breathtaking images in Ulrike Ottinger’s Prater plunge each and every spectator into their own universe of desires and sensations. The film brings together the cultural history of the oldest amusement park in the world with brilliant insights into the changeability of technological attractions. We are introduced to the people for whom the Prater is a place of amusement, memory, or quite simply the center of life. Vienna’s Prater is a desire-machine. With the latest space travel technologies we can speed toward the moon; in the tunnel of horrors we encounter a full repertoire of monsters from film history.
The name "Prater”, from the Latin pratum, means "meadow” and originally referred to the imperial hunting grounds located here. Today it is a hunting ground for everyone’s desires. Take a journey through space and time – at the Prater, everything is possible.
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  • Director Ulrike Ottinger
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Ulrike Ottinger Filmproduction
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