This Rain Will Never Stop

a film by Alina Gorlova

This Rain Will Never Stop

Ukraine, Germany | 2020 | 103:00 min

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Filmed in striking black-and-white, This Rain Will Never Stop observes the endless cycle of war and peace, in which we meet 20 year-old Andriy Suleyman. Fleeing the Syrian civil war, Andriy and his Kurdish family start a new life in a small town in eastern Ukraine, only to be caught up in another military conflict. Following Andriy back to his homeland, This Rain Will Never Stop takes the viewer on a journey from Ukraine to Iraq, Syria and Germany, featuring war zones, military parades, humanitarian missions, refugee camps, cultural, religious and funeral customs.

'Striking monochrome imagery and disruptive editing lends edgy gravitas to this absorbing documentary on a Syrian-Ukrainian Red Cross worker.' Jessica Kiang, VARIETY

"A striking, beautifully shot and edited film that embarks on the disaster of war through a personal journey and rocks the spectator between furtive moments of joy and pain. This moving film encompasses traditions, modernity, death, and the power of moving forward. This Rain Will Never Stop is a powerful story that does not allow us to escape from the destruction and heart-wrenching losses of wars," the IDFA jury reported.
IDFA Award for Best First Appearance — 33 IDFA Amsterdam

DOK.fest Munich
Cast and Crew
  • Director Alina Gorlova
  • Producer Maksym Nakonechnyi (TABOR Productions), Olena Yakovitska, Patrick Hamm (Bulldog Agenda)
  • Director of Photography Vyacheslav Tsvetkov
  • Editor Olga Zhurba
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