What Remains / Re-visited


a film by Clarissa Thieme

What Remains / Re-visited

Germany, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina | 2020 | 70:00 min

Original Title:
Was bleibt I Sta ostaje I What remains / Re-visited

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„Was bleibt I Šta ostaje I What remains / Re-visited" is a re-encounter with the places and landscapes that already played the leading role in Thieme's „Was bleibt I Šta ostaje I What remains" (Berlinale 2010): Sites of War Crimes in the 1990s in Bosnia Herzegovina. Ten years later, Thieme returns to them – with those past recordings in tow. „Was bleibt I Šta ostaje I What remains / Re-visited" is an experimental filmic setup that invites interactions from locals without forcing them. The result is a careful approach to the places as well as the people, permeated by the questions of what was, what is, and how one can speak about it.
70 Berlinale 50 FORUM - world premiere
FFOS Osnabrück
Cast and Crew
  • Director Clarissa Thieme
  • Producer Caroline Kirberg
  • Screenwriter Clarissa Thieme
  • Sound Samir Hrkovic
  • Sound Design  Jochen Jezussek, Christian Obermaier
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