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Engaging Global Cinema

PLUTO FILM Distribution Network GmbH is a world sales and festival distribution company committed to engaging global cinema. We are devoted to bringing quality feature films to the international market and audiences. Our focus is on arthouse and cross-over films, especially those by emerging talents. But we also have a passion for family films and elevated genres.

Pluto Film takes an innovative and individual approach to distribution. We work closely with filmmakers and producers to position their films effectively. Through collaborative workshops, we develop fitting festival and distribution strategies that maintain the soul of the film while maximizing its distribution potential. All produced materials and assets are stored in an online archive, ensuring accessibility for all our partners. This creates a distribution network that spans from filmmakers and producers to distributors across all territories and platforms, facilitating collaboration throughout the film value chain.

With a boutique approach, we add around eight titles to our lineup each year, allowing us to give each film the attention and care it deserves. We then navigate the world beyond the window system by finding the right place and time for our films at festivals, in theaters, on TV, and online. Our objective is to circulate our films globally and make them available across all possible distribution channels.

Our dedicated team possesses extensive knowledge of the market. Each team member brings a unique perspective from a different part of the industry, along with a strong international network of contacts cultivated over the years.


Schliemannstrasse 5

10437 Berlin | Germany

Phone: +49 30 21918220

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