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Jupiter_Fiction Abraham & Bräuer & Hofbauer GbR

Company DNA Of Jupiter_Fiction
"You have to put a hedgehog under the skull of man, so that he will never rest." (Maxim Gorki)
Founded in 2017, Jupiter_Fiction combines our experience of over 100 films in numerous positions – as producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, production coordinatior/location manager, set manager – on feature films and TV films, short films, commercials, documentary films & music videos – three distinct careers, three different skillsets, three comprehensive networks.

The producers Przemek Abraham and Steffen Hofbauer run the company. Jenny Bräuer is head of development, cinematographer and author, currently preparing her directing debut.

We believe: cinema is a collective visual experience, inspiring a spiritual exchange between people. Which is why we focus on the development and production of fictional and documentary feature films. Themes with local origins but aimed at an international audience.
We work with technically accomplished directors and content-based DPs, who keenly observe the human condition with an alert spirit. Our films do not escape reality but instead lead the audience back to reality in collaboration with their own fantasy.
We think: cinema must be an experience. We will strive for art and combat cliches.

Jupiter_Fiction Abraham & Bräuer & Hofbauer GbR

c/o Bayrisches Filmzentrum, Bavariafilmplatz 7

82031 Grünwald | Germany

Phone: +49 89 64981740

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