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blackboardfilms GmbH & Co.KG

blackboardfilms GmbH & Co.KG with CEO Mario Pfeifer is an independent production company for documentary, arthouse, virtual reality, 360° film, and immersive digital applications.
blackboardfilms produces on highest international standards with a focus on cultural, social, and political content.
We work on the intersection of art, film and technology with a discursive approach to reach global audiences beyond genre definitions.
Producing for the international festival circuit, TV, cinema and VOD we are are interested to test new forms of distribution models.
Overall we aim to redefine the moving image culture and shed light on untold stories around the globe.
blackboardfilms offer a complete 4K and VR compatible in-house production facility – from research to pre-production, production and post-production.
We collaborate with innovative motion designers, musicians, content producers, market experts, entrepreneurs and tech innovators.
We look back to numerous collaborations with funders from the cultural field: film and new media funds, galleries foundations, museums, and exhibition makers.

blackboardfilms GmbH & Co.KG

Bodenbacher Str. 26

01277 Dresden | Germany

Phone: +49 351 2521498

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