PARIS, March 23 — April 01
 Since its creation 40 years ago, Cinéma du Réel has become a major documentary film festival in France. Taking a close look at the diversity of creation, of forms and ideas, the festival now gathers a large, loyal and engaged audience.


KINSHASA MAKAMBO by Dieudo Hamadi | 74’, Democratic Republic of Congo-France-Switzerland, Germany, Qatar, Norway, 2018
CENTRAL AIRPORT THF | ZENTRALFLUGHAFEN THF by Karim Aïnouz | 97’, Germany, France, Brazil, 2018
BEYOND THE ONE | AL DI LA DELL'UNO by Anna Marziano | 53’, France, Italy, Germany, 2017
UNAS PREGUNTAS — One or Two Questions by Kristina Konrad | 237' Germany, Argentina, Uruguay 2018
TWO BASILICAS | ZWEI BASILIKEN by Heinz Emigholz | 36’, Germany-Denmark, 2018

For another #68
Fifty years later out of the archive of the DFFB | DEUTSCHE KINEMATHEK

DE OPPRESSO LIBER by Carlos Bustamante, 1968, 5’, Germany
WHITE CHRISTMAS by Harun Farocki, 1968, 4’, Germany
BRECHT DIE MACHT DER MANIPULATEURE by Helke Sander, 1968, 48’, Germany

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