we shall not be moved!

a film by Ingrid Molnar, Katrin Meier

we shall not be moved!

Germany | 1983 | 60:00 min

Original Title:
...keiner schiebt uns weg! HDW & MAN Frauen

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German version availabel [mpz]
Wives and friends of shipyard workers of Hamburg's traditional shipyard Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW) and its neighbouring supplier MAN (a subsidiary of Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg GmbH) are developing a strategy for mobilising the media to point out planned mass layoffs.
A hunger strike lasting several days in the first week of September 1983 tagsüber at the Landungsbrücken and at night in the rooms of the main church St. Michaelis, combined with the distribution of leaflets, was to bring about enough media effectiveness and solidarity to strike the workers in their plans or to encourage them to use the means of industrial action "occupation", which had been illegal since 1976.
Hamburg-born singer and peace activist Fasia Jansen joined the group, Thomas Thielemann, who supported the staff of HDW during a strike five yers before in 1978 , supported them with his footage. Katrin Meier and Ingrid Molnar assembled a video flyer out of it, which was shown by fellow students at weekly markets from the loading area of a van.
This film on DVD is the extended - new edited version, which was in a tent in front of the occupied shipyard as a loop.
The cover photo of the DVD was taken on September 12, 1983 during the demonstration to Rathausplatz with approx. 4,000 participants. Afterwards the staff returned to the shipyard and occupied HDW Hamburg or 9 days.
1984 Frauenwoche Hamburg
Cast and Crew
  • Director Ingrid Molnar, Katrin Meier
  • Score Fasia Jansen
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