Vi From the Floating Village

a film by Bernadette Hauke

Vi From the Floating Village

Germany | 2017 | 25:00 min

Content Categories

Documentary Children film Short film
Vi lives in a floating house but she cannot swim. All the houses in her village in northern Vietnam are built on water. So if Vi wants to visit her friends or go to school, she has to travel with a boat. 
These rawboats are wobbly and overturn very easyly if the sea is rough. So Vi is afraid of the water because she has fallen in for several times.
The thirteen year old girl decides to learn how to swim. Grandpa Nghe shows her to hold the breath in the fish cages around the house, but these tanks are not big enough to do more than two or three strokes. That is not enough to loose her panic.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Bernadette Hauke
Original Languages


Production Company
Pangolin Doxx Film
Ratiborstr. 4, 10999 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 61286602
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