the place we left

a film by Clarissa Thieme

the place we left

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany | Austria | 2012 | 61:00 min

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“the place we left” ist ein Film über sechs Menschen, die in Sarajevo geboren sind und ihre Stadt - in den meisten Fällen während des Krieges - verliessen.
THE PLACE WE LEFT is a film about six people all born in Sarajevo who left the city mostly due to the war. some stayed abroad some came back after years.
they talk about their experiences leaving their city settling down somewhere else or being caught in the middle. THE PLACE WE LEFT concentrates on their personal attempts to give sense to circumstances they surprisingly found themselves in when in 1992 Sarajevo a european metropolis became under siege.
blocks of talking heads are accompanied by pure visual shots: 'still shots of them facing the camera, shots of apartments' interiors
Cast and Crew
  • Director Clarissa Thieme
  • Screenwriter Clarissa Thieme
  • Director of Photography Clarissa Thieme, Eldar Emrić
  • Editor Clarissa Thieme
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Production Company
weltfilm GmbH
Fritz- Riedel-Str. 2, 10407 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 42856409

Fax: +49 30 42856411
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