The Last Six Month

a film by Anna Wahle

The Last Six Month

Germany | 2016 | 75:00 min

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In the middle of Germany, there’s a region which locals call – more or less affectionately – the Siberia of Hesse. The climate is rough, buses drive seldom, and the next big city feels a daytrip away and there's not much to do for adolescents.
This is where Joshua, Laura, Hannah, Philipp, Tobi and Leonie are growing up. They’ve just turned 16 and ride the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence. After the summer holidays they will leave school to try their luck at further education somewhere else. The Last Six Months deals with their experiences during the last months before graduation: what they fight for, which resolutions they make, how they fall in and out of love. They wonder what to expect from life; sometimes finding their own answers and sometimes remaining helpless.
The definitive of The Last Six Months is its narrative style. In a multilayered collage of memories and wishes, things told and things experienced, we dive into the protagonists' perspectives in a kaleidoscope of the young first-person narrators.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Anna Wahle
  • Producer Meike Martens
Original Languages


Production Company
Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH
Venloer Str. 241-245, 50823 Köln

Phone: +49 221 5397460
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Lucas – International Festival for Young Filmlovers
Kassel Dokfest
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