Sunset over Mulholland Drive

a film by Uli Gaulke

Sunset over Mulholland Drive

Germany | 2018 | 96:00 min

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At the end of Mulholland Drive lies the Motion Picture & Television Fund. Its residents were once the backbone of the Dream Factory: actresses, producers, writers. The spry seniors still burn for movies and entertainment. And so, they share their best personal and professional anecdotes with us.
A touching and lighthearted documentary about the glamourous residents of a very special retirement home, including actress Connie Sawyer (“Dumb and Dumber”, “When Harry Met Sally…”) three-time Emmy® Award nominated producer Joel Rogosin („The Virginian”, “Ironside”, “Magnum, P.I. and and producer Daniel Selznick ("American Grafitti"). [global screen]

The palms in the garden of Motion Picture & Television Country House at Mulholland Drive sway soft in the light breeze under the evening sun. Here in Woodland Hills, a sleepy suburb nothwest of Hollywood, hides a fairly unique kind of home for quite special inhabitants – the refuge for the elderly of the US film industry. All those silent, invisible heroes who created classics such as “The Godfather“, "Blown by the wind", „The Appartement“ or “E.T.“ spend their time here looking back on a quite impressive and exciting life.

Actors, writers, directors, cameramen, agents, make-up artists, costume designers and even big studio bosses end up here. Over 1000 elderly – more or less sprightly – live in this home strolling down memory lane. Famous Hollywood stars who are still in business, just like George Clooney, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg, support the community with generous donations true to the motto: “We take care of our own“. [Fruitmarket]

Cast and Crew
  • Director Uli Gaulke
  • Producer Helge Albers (Flying Moon Filmproduktion GmbH), Arne Birkenstock
  • Director of Photography Axel Schneppat
  • Editor Andrew Bird
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