Sweet Meadow

a film by Jasmin Preiß

Sweet Meadow

Germany, Morocco | 2018 | 71:00 min

Original Title:
Diese süße Wiese

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Karim: “What should I’ve done? I was in a bad mood, when you picked me up and you said:
Come with me, come with me. What could I’ve done? Could I’ve left you alone? Should I’ve been as cold as to say I’d rather be alone?“ Jasmin: “Would that have been better?“ Karim: “Yes, because I’ve been seen things…“ Jasmin: “Ok. Next time I won’t talk to you.“
Meeting the artist Karim Aouaj El Kasmi, I’m fascinated. Karim is attempting to find stability and freedom within the restraints of everyday life. As he travels from one place to another, a deeper search, one to achieve balance within himself, is gradually revealed.
35th Kassel DokFest 2018
Cast and Crew
  • Director Jasmin Preiß
  • Screenwriter Karim Aouaj El Kasmi, Jasmin Preiß
  • Editor Jasmin Preiß, Övünc Güvenisik
  • Sound Paul Grosse-Schönepauk, Jaike Stambach, Frank Behnke
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