• Stumbling Stone

    Stumbling Stone


Stumbling Stone

a film by Dörte Franke

Stumbling Stone

Germany | 2007 | 73:00 min

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Versions: 45 min, 52 min, 73 min
Language: German with English Subtitles
The documentary STUMBLING STONE (73 min) is a portrait, a road movie and the story of the largest decentralized memorial in the world. The focus is on the conceptional artist Gunter Demnig, who has set 12 000 names of forgotten Nazi victims in concrete of Germany's and Europe's pavements. The project is declined by members of the Jewish community, Neo-Nazis are fighting it, and in some cities it is illegal. But behind every stone stands a committed helper and private donations. They see a possibility in Demnig's brass-plated stones, to bring history back to people's minds. The restless artist still manufactures and lays every single stone, because he is convinced that this is the only way to take every individual fate back home.

STUMBLING STONE is produced by TROIKA Entertainment GmbH, Cologne, and HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion, Berlin, and co-produced with NDR/ARTE, WDR and ORF; funded by nordmedia.
The documentary was developed at Discovery-Campus Masterschool. The film will be released theatrically in Germany by Film Kino Text on November, 13th, 2008.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Dörte Franke
  • Producer Nicole Deblaere (TROIKA Entertainment GmbH), Andrea Ufer (HANFGARN & UFER Film- und TV-Produktion)
  • Screenwriter Dörte Franke
  • Director of Photography Börres Weiffenbach
  • Editor Jana Teuchert
  • Sound Johanns Schmelzer, Mario Köhler, Anton K. Feist, Uwe Bossenz
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