Peter Weibel - My Life

a film by Marco Wilms

Peter Weibel - My Life

Germany | 2010 | 52:00 min

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Der Film erzählt, wie aus Peter Weibel, dem Flüchtlingskind aus dem Heim, der berühmte Medienkünstler und Direktor des ZKM, und einer der brillantesten Denker unser globalen Zeit wurde.
„One life is not enough“, says Peter Weibel. This is the reason why he lives several lives at the same time in his „pluriverse“. He is a wild Viennese Actionist and lets his partner Valie Export lead him through Vienna on a dog leash. He studies mathematics, becomes a curator, rockstar, director of multimedia operas, author of hundreds of books and professor at several universities. Today Peter Weibel is 66 years old and amongst others the creative head and chairman of the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany – overseeing a double-digit budget that goes into the millions.
His global fan community admires him mostly for his vanguard thinking and action. A matter of course in the industrial age of today,Weibel’s multimedia campaigns and theories were often ahead of their times. His legendary New Wave Song „Sex in der Stadt“ (Sex in the City) (1979) is so up to date that it was recently covered by the international post-feminist all-girl band „Chicks on Speed“.
Director Marco Wilms accompanied the global nomad Peter Weibel on his restless journeys through the world. In Rome Peter Weibel curates a new ZKM exhibition, discovers works of art in Roman palaces and meets legendary Arte Povera artis Jannis Kounellis. In Paris he gives a lecture with author Umberto Eco at the Louvre and encounters his friend the philospher Bruno Latour at the Centre Pompidou. In Karlsruhe he receives the „Europäischer Kulturpreis“ (European Culture Price) and declares himself the Science Officer of the ZKM, Mr. Spock. And in Berlin he gives a lecture with wold-famous light artist Olafur Eliasson, whom Peter Weibel once discoverd.
Weibel’s work is commentated by famous companions such as Bazon Brock or Boris Groys.
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  • Director Marco Wilms
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