• Pensioners Inc.


Pensioners Inc.

a film by Bertram Verhaag

Pensioners Inc.

Germany | 2008 | 52:00 min

Die Angestellten auf Lebenszeit Mary, Marion, Paul, Tom, Ann und Rosa haben in der Firma ein neues Zuhause gefunden.
The average age of employees at the Vita Needle Company, a needle and tubing factory near Boston, is an amazing 74 years. Anyone who can make it up the front steps gets hired.
In their previous lives, Mary, Marion, Paul, Tom, Ann and Rosa were engineers, nurses, bakers and waiters. Now, they’ve decided against spending their sunset years bored, lonely and inactive. At Vita Needle, they’ve come together and found a new home – and the security of a job for life. Not only that, but they’re busy confounding stereotypes about retirement and old age. In the space of five years, they’ve secured a 100% increase in profits for the company. Unsurprisingly, their boss, Frederik Hartmann, is delighted with his elderly employees.
In touching and endearing interviews, the workers at the Vita Needle Company reveal their newfound sense of self-confidence. Full of joy and vitality, they describe how happy they are in their community, and talk about the dream they all share: To go on climbing the steps to the production hall for as long as possible!

52min or 28min30sec | original English version with German or Spanish voice over available
Cast and Crew
  • Director Bertram Verhaag
  • Director of Photography Waldemar Hauschild
  • Editor Verena Schönauer
  • Sound Zoltan Ravasz
Original Languages



Production Company
DENKmal-Film Verhaag GmbH
Herzogstr. 97, 80796 München

Phone: +49 89 526601

Fax: +49 89 5234742

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