New Species

a film by Mauricio Dias

New Species

Germany, Brazil | 2017 | 90:00 min

Original Title:
Auf den Spuren neuer Arten

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Nature / Animals Ecology Science

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Serra da Mocidade is an isolated mountain range in the centre of the Amazon with the greatest chances of containing many species of plants and animals that are new to science. New satellite technology maps have provided researchers with a very detailed view of the entire Amazonian territory. Together with a group of another 25 researchers and biologists, professor Mario Cohn-Haft will lead an expedition to Serra da Mocidade, starting in August 2014. Our film crew will have exclusive access to that expedition and will follow these scientists step by step in their adventures and findings throughout the entire process, from the preparation for the expedition until the final DNA analysis.

2x43mins or 90mins or 70mins, German, English or French version available
Cast and Crew
  • Director Mauricio Dias
  • Producer Christian Beetz, Fernando Dias
  • Director of Photography Tatiana Battaglia
Production Company
Gebrüder Beetz Media GmbH
Heinrich Roller Strasse 15, 10405 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 69566910

Phone: +49 40 76973070
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