• Munich, Italy - Stories of Arrival in Germany

  • Munich, Italy - Stories of Arrival in Germany

  • Munich, Italy - Stories of Arrival in Germany

  • Munich, Italy - Stories of Arrival in Germany


Munich, Italy - Stories of Arrival in Germany

a film by Alessandro Melazzini

Munich, Italy - Stories of Arrival in Germany

Germany | 2011 | 55:00 min

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Acht verschiedene Schicksale von Italienern, die wie 600.000 ihrer Landsleute in Bayern eine zweite Heimat gefunden haben und in Italien vergessen worden sind.
What is a colonel from the Italian army doing in mountains of Bavaria? He is one of 600,000 Italians that live in Germany. Each of them has a story to tell which no one in Italy knows. Instead, in the Federal Republic, these adopted citizens are considered amongst the best integrated. Four millions Italian emigrants decided to seek their fortune beyond the Alps from the middle of the twentieth century onwards. Many have returned but many have remained. While the flow of migrants North has slowed down in the last few decades, a new form of emigration has recently emerged. Technicians and scientists have found better conditions for study and research across the border. Maybe all of these lives in movement have drained some professionalism from Italy. They have definitely enriched Germany, making it a little more tender and a little more Latin.
2015 Coffi Italian Film & Art Festival - Berlin, Germany
2015 Todi Festival - Todi, Italy
2014 Novara Cine Festival - Novara, Italy
2013 Rassegna del Documentario - Premio Libero Bizzarri - San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
2012 Mizzica Film Festival - Casteltermini, Italy
2012 Foggia Film Festival - Foggia, Italy
2012 Internationale Grenzland-Filmtage - Selb, Deutschland
2011 Frontiere - Bari, Italy
2011 Ciociaria Film Festival - Frosinone, Italy
2011 Tutti nello Stesso Piatto - Trento, Italy
2011 Ponte in Fiore - Ponte in Valtellina, Italy
2011 Wechselseitige Perspektiven - Turin, Itlay
2011 Le Voci dell'Inchiesta - Pordenone, Italy
Cast and Crew
  • Director Alessandro Melazzini
  • Producer Alessandro Melazzini
  • Screenwriter Alessandro Melazzini
  • Director of Photography Alessandro Melazzini
  • Editor Paolo Turla
  • Sound Giovanni Provenzale
  • Score Sebastiano Forte
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