Mrs Wildenhahn

a film by Beate Middeke

Mrs Wildenhahn

Germany | 2018 | 78:00 min

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"Mizuki means very strong" Mrs Wildenhahn says about the meaning of her first name. As a young woman, in the 1950s via London she came from Japan to Hamburg. She married Klaus Wildenhahn, a documentary filmmaker and gave birth to two children.
Ten years later after Klaus Wildenhahn has left her, she built up a small shop at St. Pauli by selling nonessentials and everyday commodities from Japan. Now 92 years old she wants to convey an image of her homeland through her goods. Mrs Wildenhahn has retained a touching enthusiasm for the beauty in these things.

The film takes a lot of time for his approach to Mizuki Wildenhahn, which finally gives us insight into her world, her thoughts and feelings. Following this fine person (her middle name could be humility) rewards us with looks into corners and angles for which the historiography of great men of cinema and their films usually has no time and leisure.

Cast and Crew
  • Director Beate Middeke
  • Producer Beate Middeke
  • Director of Photography Justyna Feicht
  • Editor Beate Middeke
  • Sound Beate Middeke
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