• I had nowhere to go

    I had nowhere to go

    Jonas Mekas


I had nowhere to go

Jonas Mekas

a film by Douglas Gordon

I had nowhere to go

2016 | 100:00 min

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"An adventurer can always return home; an exile cannot. So I decided that culture would be my home." Jonas Mekas
Source: www.tiff.net/films/i-had-nowhe...

The great Jonas Mekas is the subversive and compassionate protagonist of I HAD NOWHERE TO GO, a sort of dreamlike but extremely current journey into the mind of a man who has lived a thousand different lives and has survived each and every one of them. Mekas is not only the “godfather of American avant-garde cinema”, he is first and foremost a man who had to flee his homeland, Lithuania, because of the war. He’s a man who has spent his whole life in a state of permanent exile, a permanent “foreigner”, trying to belong whilst being proud to be different. Film is the only area he’s ever really felt at home in. (Viennale, Muriel del Don)

The twentieth century has produced millions of refugees, exiles, and stateless displaced persons. Some of them eventually settle down and grow new roots; others continue traveling, waiting, dreaming of returning home. This is a first-hand account of the life, thoughts and feelings of a displaced person. It’s a painful record of one person’s experiences in a Nazi Forced Labor camp; five years in displaced persons camps; and the first years as a young Lithuanian immigrant in New York City. (HOF)

‘A a high-class piece of perverse nostalgia porn’
Source: www.theguardian.com/artanddesi...
among others:
tiff Toronto, Hof, Viennale, Locarno, LOLA@Berlinale, LOLA@BERLINALE, shortlisted for German Film Award - Best Documentary 2017
Cast and Crew
  • Director Douglas Gordon
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Production Company
moneypenny filmproduktion GmbH
Kopischstr. 3, 10965 Berlin

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